• Great Product From Stella

    "Been using this about two weeks I notice my nails growing very fast and strong helps hair too apparently. I add it to my smoothies, gives me energy as well. I don’t find the smell overpowering. 10 servings vegetables and fruit in one teaspoon. Got two containers with showstopper, it is not cheap it’s worth the moneys since product will last very long time."

  • Sea Vegetables From Joel

    "Sea vegetables are the most amazing, wonderful food supplement I have ever used, within 3 days I had a 70% reduction in all conditions and aliments I was suffering from.  I have lost 30 LBS in 6 weeks; I thought I was headed for a wheelchair my hips had so much pain. I was having difficulty walking and was suffering leg swelling & frequent dizzy spells."

  • Heads up! From Cynthia

    "A personal testimony as to what this product can do. This is my third bottle. I ordered again because I don't want to run out. I listened to John on each show, and it made sense to me, and I felt an inner nudge to order. A great feeling. I have energy and a sense of well-being I haven't felt in years. I told my friend. My friend heard the excitement in my voice. I’m simply grateful. I’m not a great sleeper. I’m starting to rest and to feel comfortable."

  • Energy plus From Sunny

    "Great product, I use it every day and will continue to use it. I finally have more energy and feel great. It also makes me feel less hungry. Bonus

    Bottom Line, Yes, I would recommend to a friend"

  • Great Product From Pat

    "I am 65 years old and feel overall healthier now than I did in my 50's since taking the sea greens. I walk in the a.m. each day and swim each afternoon. I drink plenty of water with this product and it allows my body to regulate my bowel movements without taking any over the counter products. It has given me energy, helped reduce the redness and dry patches on my skin and I sleep more soundly."

  • Working from the inside out From Cynthia

    Well, I won't be without this product. The best decision I made was to order these sea vegetables. It has helped me get through the heat of summer with the nutrients feeding my body. My anxiety has gone down to practically nil, and I have absolutely no cravings! I never miss a day. My skin and eyes are clear, and my body gets rid of extra toxins and waste daily. My sense of well-being is something I haven't had in a very long time.