Keto MCT

Keto MCT


Schinoussa super foods sources the most premium coconuts that provide clean none- GMO MCT (medium chain triglycerides) as a good fat fuel. This super natural fuel is great for energy, mental cognition and Keto support!!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and it’s very important to incorporate the highest quality source to achieve the ultimate health benefits associated with collagen. Our source is wild caught hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides from the Pacific Ocean to ensure an environmentally friendly and a clean, sustainable source. Using the highest quality collagen supports the fastest and healthiest way to restore and rebuild the body’s collagen.

This unique formula is exclusive to Schinoussa super foods and is proud to offer you the best nutrition has to offer!

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Keto mct + marine collagen

500 mg prebiotic fiber

C8 60%, c10 40% mcts

7g mct

2g hydrolyzed collagen peptides

Og sugar

500 mg Vitamin c


300g 30 servings