*FATMETAB is know as the hormone balancer. The 3 main points of this formula is: stress reduction, sugar metabolism/cravings and metabolism activation. It’s designed to assist in rebalancing the body to effectively keep fat off and reduce current excess fat.

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Product Benefits

Designed to reduce cortisol, sugar cravings and stress.

A key to key to healthy weight loss is hormonal support and this clinically formulated Fatmetab targets fat cell reduction and eliminates the fat as a source of energy.

Note: The more you use the less you take over the months. Ie 3 caps/day first month 2/caps day second month 1/cap 3rd month.  

• Time released energy
• Capsule works instant with no sensations
• Liquid works instant with adrenaline boost for workouts
• No artificial ingredients or chemicals
• Burns fat weekly

Product Highlights

• 90 vegcaps or 15ml serving
• Time released energy

Ingredients per Capsule

Guarana: 250mg
Citrius Aurantum: 125mg
Chromium Polinicotinate: 333mcg
Bromelain: 50mg
Folate: 133mg
Niacin: 11mg
B6: 33mg
B12: 333mcg

Recommended Dose: Take  3 V-cap, one times per day in am  with water.

Recommended Use:  Supports energy metabolism and fat metabolism